Guitar/lead vocals

So check it out, this guy Jozey was not in Bang Tango, but Joe Leste asked him to be after playing guitar with them on stage. He was not in the Black Crowe’s, but he still thinks he should be. He wasn’t in Guns N Roses, but he had a dream he auditioned (it didn’t go his way) and he did get to play with a few of the members on stage! What he HAS done is play guitar in a southern punk band, the Sixx Gunn Prophets, 90s underground metal legends Mob Scene, melodic hardcore heroes Cellbound, and Akron’s bad boys of rock, L. A. Knights, as well as industrial metal act, The Broken X.

It was during his time with L.A. Knights that he caught the itch to sing a little, so he wrote a few tunes and put a lineup together, alas The Corruption was born! The aggressive yet hook filled music of bands like Brides Of Destruction, LA Guns, Beautiful Creatures, Izzy Stradlin, Gilbey Clarke, Buckcherry, Social Distortion, Motley Crue, and Kiss inspired these new tunes. Drawing inspiration from Mike Ness, Iggy Pop and John Corabi, he set about forming his own vocal style. Quickly realizing it matched his guitar style; aggressive, loud, and a little out of the norm…kind of like a great wrestling promo, push the limits, then rein them in with the hook!

Let’s get real, What is important is this: Jozey lives rock ’n’ roll; he can’t stop rockin’, hell, he had heart surgery and played a gig four weeks later! Like Huey said…”The Heart of Rock and Roll is still beating, in (Akron)”.

His vision for the Corruption has been influenced by the members who have passed through the doors of his Guitar Lounge, and for that he will forever be grateful…but the roots, the backbone…they come from his imagination, his guitar and his soul. He also recently stated, this current lineup is special…camaraderie, brotherhood, and teamwork!

Here’s Jozey in a nutshell, a non stop, constant ball of rock ‘n’ roll energy, a crazy mix of Jimmy Page, George Lynch, Warren Demartini, Jake E. Lee, Slash and Zakk Wylde mixed with Mike Ness, Izzy Stradlin, Josh Todd, John Corabi and London Legrand. Somewhere between that place where punk meets glam meets rock meets outlaw…lives the Rubber City Outlaw!

For those who care, Jozey uses Marshall Amps into a Genz Benz 2×12 cabinet currently on stage, but used Custom Audio Mutation custom amps (The Wave of The Future!) on the album, along with Les Pauls, an EVH Kramer Frankenstein copy, a Telecaster and more to record this album. His main stage axes are a white Les Paul Studio, an Epiphone Gold Top ‘56 Les Paul reissue and a black Gibson Flying V. He also uses Corona Extra, good bourbon, Fireball, Tito’s, and margaritas to fuel him in the studio and on stage!


guitar/backing vocals

Jeric-Oh hails from the deep in the guts of the Ohio Rust Belt and aims top bring some swagger and heat as part of the Corruption Crew. Heavily influenced by some of rock-n-roll’s most underrated guitar players, and blending the style, feel and power of classic rhythm masters such as Keith Richards, Izzy Stradlin and Malcom Young.  Jeric-Oh is certainly not your average “second guitarist.”

His combo of choice is a humbucker-loaded hunk of mahogany wired to a Marshall JCM 900, but Jerich-Oh’s been known to sling a Telecaster through a Mesa Dual Rec as well. If it’s loud, raw and just a little bit dirty, he’s into it.


Joey Fuego

BASS/backing vocals

Raised on a tropical island in the Caribbean, where he learn the percussive art of Afro-Latino music at a young age only later to become interested in hard rock and heavy metal music. Influenced by bands like Van Halen, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Iron Maiden to name a few, He took to playing guitar in high school where he played in a couple of bands. His travels would take him to Los Angeles where he was introduced to the SoCal Punk scene which included band like Social Distortion and Bad Religion.

Picked up playing drums later in life because its illegal to beat up on people, he has been a member of a few local bands and currently with Jozey & the Corruption. Gear he currently uses: Mapex Drums, Remo and Aquarian drumheads, Soultone Cymbals, Tama and Gilbraltar Hardware, Pro Mark sticks and Roc N Soc drum throne.